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Chile-Asia Connect is a non-profit organization that aims to promote a wide variety of artistic & cultural initiatives to strengthen the rapprochement and understanding between Chile and the Asian continent, considering the development and promotion of arts and artistic mobility as keystones for cultural exchange and for the creation of permanent bonds between both territories.





Our mission is to foster the dissemination, promotion and mobility of artistic & cultural goods and services between Chile and Asia through the development and implementation of different projects and endeavors regarding arts, culture and creative industries. We aim to generate new knowledge around the sector and also to create endurable international partnerships that may ease these efforts, also enhancing the cultural presence of Chile in Asia and Chile's country image at the international level.  



Our vision is to become an innovative and reference organization in the creation and development of enduring cultural bonds between Chile, Latin America and the Asian Continent, being and inclusive entity that connects with both public and private institutions, executing activities regarding artists’ mobility and arts promotion, fostering the spread of knowledge, information and ideas, and enhancing Chile’s country image abroad. 


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